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Amazing, the owners will treat you life family. Even if you leave without seeing anything paranormal you will still have a nice campout experience to go home with. 5/5 Stars

Tyler Holt

What a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. The couple was so wonderful and friendly We would definitely recommend this trip. Thank you so much. We felt as if we made new friends.

Pat & waymon

We took the 90-minute ATV tour with Jody on October 2nd and had a great time. It was Jody's unique perspective (Skinwalker neighbor and lifetime resident) that added so much perspective to the show and our understanding of the reality of the show. Sure, it was incredible to see the ranch and some new things built for this next season, but hearing about the local experience of "Hollywood moves in next door" was fascinating! We felt like we found a new friend and loved her fun attitude. The tour was by far the highlight of our day and our western trip. If you watch the Skinwalker show, you'll love the tour! One last tip - if you want to see something, you should camp here. Day-time sightings seem to be rare, but it's much more likely at night.

Kevin Murphy

We stayed there for several days in September of 2023 and had the best time! The hosts are so kind and welcoming and you will feel like your leaving your friends when your stay is over! The campground is kept very clean and the hosts are readily available for questions if needed. We went on the ATV tour and saw great views of the area and of Skinwalker Ranch and really enjoyed the tour. We are looking forward to staying there again next year!

Lisa Maxwell

The tour of the Mesa with Jody was exceptional. We didn’t have any paranormal or ufo experiences but the conversations during the tour with Jody made up for it. Her humor, the knowledge of the show, the site, local lore and impressions of the locals was impressive. We shared the need to keep an open mind regarding UFOs and the paranormal but we both agreed that science has to provide irrefutable proof for us. It was a great tour!

Doug Ruble


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