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The tour of the Mesa with Jody was exceptional. We didn’t have any paranormal or ufo experiences but the conversations during the tour with Jody made up for it. Her humor, the knowledge of the show, the site, local lore and impressions of the locals was impressive. We shared the need to keep an open mind regarding UFOs and the paranormal but we both agreed that science has to provide irrefutable proof for us. It was a great tour!

Doug Ruble

This place is amazing! Love how we got to see all the spots that are on the show. Jodi gave us the rundown on everything. They were actually filming while we were there and it was so cool to see first hand! I plan on coming back again in October and staying at night!


Great views from the top of the mesa. Gives a little more dimension to the show. While there, my wife's cell phone behaved oddly and wouldn't work until we left the area.


The experience was very interesting, informative and just plain cool. Jody is a great owner/host and super friendly and fun. She answered all our questions and shared lots of cool knowledge about the show and the Mesa. Would love to come back sooner than later. Maybe to camp next time. This was so worth it! Picked up a t-shirt at the conclusion. Can't wait to return. Thank you, Jody & Stacy!

Chris Kobos & Julie Horak

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! This tour was a last minute plan for my husband and I on our vacation to the basin, and it became the highlight of our trip! Jody was an amazing tour guide and this is a one of a kind experience! Don’t miss it!

Tracy Albert


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